Make It + Take It Marketing Plan • Edith Joi

Make It + Take It Marketing Plan • Edith Joi


A hands-on workshop on how to create & implement a marketing plan.

Monday, July 16th 6:30-8:30 p.m. 
Edith Joi | 5110 2nd Ave. Suite C | Kearney


Calling all small business owners, makers/Etsy shop owners, and network marketers: bring your creativity and leave with an actionable plan of how to market yourself online during this two-hour, hands-on workshop.

Learn how to accomplish your long marketing wishlist even with limited time, team members and budgets. We will:

  • Create a vision/mood board that reflects the style you want to project to your ideal clients
  • Identify your key content categories and channels to effectively market your product/service
  • Discuss favorite tools, tips and apps for creating quality content that looks polished and professional
  • Identify and implement a system to help you get it all done using just your calendar + to-do list