Being a small business owner means you wear #AllTheHats.

Who has time to create and implement an actual marketing plan, you're running an actual business remember? So you post on Facebook a few times a month when you're feeling festive. Taco Tuesday anyone?

You're overwhelmed by the ever-changing digital landscape, confused by where you should be spending your time and money to attract good customers, and quite frankly, you're fed up with the whole thing and ready to throw in the towel.

But what if...

You knew exactly what to post on social media and knew that those efforts fit into a larger strategy that converted your prospects into leads, customers, and ultimately into loyal fans?

    digital diagram - maam marketing.jpg

    Gain Clarity of Your

    Passion: Determine what sets you apart and how to communicate that message

    Platforms: Which channels you should use to attract your ideal client

    Performance: How to measure the success of your marketing efforts

    Process: How to get it all done using your current budget and resources


    How it Works


    brand audit

    + We'll start by learning about your goals, story, target audience, and resources--and put it all together in an easy-to-understand report that will help give direction to your marketing efforts.


    digital diagram

    + Then we'll create a visual map of your existing channels and tactics, and help you prioritize those that are actually benefitting your revenue goals and making good use of your time.


    Action plan

    + Next, we'll put together a strategy that ties your marketing channels together. Then we'll help you identify the steps needed to better engage your customers, and reach new audiences.


    tackle together

    + Finally, we'll jump in and help! Based on your priorities list, you'll select one of your existing channels for us to help you enhance (website, social media channel, email marketing, etc.)


    Digital Diagram Includes

    • Two 1:1 strategy meetings

    • Brand Audit

    • Custom marketing plan

    • Client portal

    • Content calendar set-up

    • Two hours of technical assistance 

    Add-On Support Available

    • Analytics + goals tracking system

    • Social media graphics templates creation

    • Project management set-up

    • Email marketing strategy + set-up

    • Blog content calendar and writing schedule


    Investment: $750

    Amanda is thorough, helpful, assertive when needed, and had me straightened out from A to Z with marketing. No matter how in line you think your business is, there is always room for improvement, and Amanda will help!

    Stacey Johnson, co-owner Edith Joi Boutique