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Designing for Des Moines Fashion Week

About a month ago a wonderful woman named Jen contacted me regarding a unique opportunity for her business as a SeneGence distributor: to be the exclusive beauty product provider for Des Moines Fashion Week.

Having previously sold her products only at small trade shows or via Facebook, Jen needed marketing materials better suited for the high-fashion event. With only a two-day turnaround to get her information to the event organizer, we created a twelve-page custom booklet showcasing a select line of products and information about her business.

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How to Style Flat Lay Photos that Show Off Your Brand

The phrase "a picture's worth a thousand words" has never been truer in today's Instagram-able world.

Whether you're selling a product or a service, you must have quality photos for yourself.

If you follow any brands/bloggers on Instagram with beautiful feeds, you've probably noticed those really pretty 'flat lay' photos. A flat lay is just what it sounds like — a photo of a group of elements laid flat on a background — which is typically bright white, so the elements pop.

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