Ma’am Marketing specializes in helping small businesses take hold of their digital marketing strategy.

With the ever-changing digital landscape, it can be overwhelming to stay on top of marketing trends and know when, where and how to translate those trends into strategies for your business.

Amanda started Ma'am (Marketing by Amanda) to help overwhelmed small business owners navigate the vast universe of online marketing, and to make the most of the resources they may already have.

Amanda's speciality is helping small businesses (less than five full-time employees) grow their clientele through digital marketing.

We don't: make websites, do graphic design, or place ads for our clients. Why? With big goals and modest budgets, small business owners often can—but don't—utilize staff members, freelancers or close friends to create/do these things. What they often lack is an overall strategy and help implementing the steps to achieve their goals.

We do: create comprehensive marketing plans and help guide implementation in everything small business owners do to attract their dream clients online.

We're really good at: project management

Maam Marketing Amanda Polacek
Like personal stylists who go through your closet, tell you what to keep and what to ditch, then go shopping with you, we believe the best way to help your small business is by working together and passing on our knowledge to help achieve your vision.

Our Specialties


Designing strategies to help better engage your audience

Crafting specific marketing tactics to maximize your resources

Identifying actionable steps to help overcome your challenges

Implementing smart systems to track progress of your goals


Our Approach


We collaborate.

We provide a holistic approach to marketing — putting strategy first and foremost.

We determine your next steps to get stuff done.

We help you DIY-it or we recommend hiring a freelancer for specific tasks.

By working with talented creatives who are masters of their fields,  we're able to send you into their care wholeheartedly and confident that it's the next best step toward achieving your marketing and sales goals.

We have curated a network of freelancers and agencies, including web designers, photographers, videographers, ad specialists and more. Or if you have someone you want to work with, we'll help you pass the torch.

We collaborate to get you the most for your business.


Our Home

Our Nebraska-roots run deep, which is why we're proud members of [probably too many] local professional networks.